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AutoCAD and CSC-Orion


1. Starting a project from the Architectural drawing

Learn the fastest way to begin your design. Import axis, columns and information from AutoCad .dxf.

2. Design with Solid Slabs, Beams and Columns

Learn the ideal way to design structural elements. Know what you have been doing wrong.
3.Set up Project
Learn how to set up your project for a very neat output.

4. Design with Pad, Pile and Raft Foundations
Learn how to design pad and pile foundation and also raft foundation (FE analysis – Slab Raft and Slab + Beam Raft Foundation).
5. Post-Process

Learn how to draw title blocks, insert drawings to sheet, scale and prepare for printing.
Learn how to post process your details in the format acceptable for approval. Create sheets on AutoCAD and Scale properly.

6. Report Manager and Sheets
Learn how to arrange and edit your report documents in the right way for approval.