ProtaStructure is the all-in-one package for multi-material modelling with steel, concreteand composite members, 3-D finite element analysis, code-compliant design and detailing of building structures. It the recent version of CSC Orion.



Seismic Design and Detailing to EC8 – for Singapore and Draft EC8 for Low to High Ductility classes National Annex for Malaysia

Automated Drawing and Sheet Management – including auto generation of beam, column, wall ,slab and plan views onto title blocks with auto arrangement and cutting to optimise drawing arrangements. Jointly with drawing management sheet management automatically creates drawing sheet numbers, revisions and allows full title block flexibility including insertion of company logos, engineer and drafting names references, drawing names, project numbers, references etc.

Model Merging for fast project delivery – Build large models quickly with 2 or more engineers working on separate model parts of the building and “Merging” these together for analysis and design. Deliver projects quicker than ever before.

New Report Manager – insert customer reports including 3rd party documents, custom report sets, QR codes and company logos for look and feel of your design calculations. Fully integrated reports from Prota Details into one repository.

New Drawing Macros for ProtaDetails – including shear wall, pit foundation, dropped slabs, and stairs.

Direct integration with Autodesk Revit – Prota has built on its native integration with Revit and now full supports integration with both Revit 2016 and 2015 versions.

Enhanced Section Database including Continental profiles.

Curved sketch lines for modelling irregular slabs.

Enhanced Visual Interrogation Manager for easily checking slab and member sizes and loads.

Eccentric Pad Footings.

New footing and pile cap check design.

Enhanced Strip foundations.

FE Design of Foundation Systems and Foundation Beams.

Faster modelling – approaches by controllable model rendering.

Faster analysis and design processes to deliver results quickly.



    • Download by clicking  here.

      Extract installation by typing as password

    • De-activate anti-virus on your computer

    • Enter Installation folder and install ProtaStructure2016_sp6. Install all programs in the installation.

    • Launch Software as administrator

    • Select Software Lock and Click Next

    • Click copy request code to clipboard

    • Enter keygen folder and launch keygen as administrator

    • Replace request code on the keygen with the one you copied. This will generate an activation code. Copy it.

    • Paste activation code on software lock and activate

Then Connect your system to the internet, launch software and you would be asked to download the latest update of Prota Structures.



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